Album Cover
Tales from the Barstool
Web Three
Released: Aug 1, 2016
Label: Death Proof
Track Listing
1 Barstools
2 World So Crazy
3 Shots
4 American Dreaming
5 Bottles
6 The Science of Selling Yourself Short ft. Dana Barkett
7 Tony Soprano ft. Katiashe
8 No More Tortured Soul ft. Epitaph & Katiashe
9 The Silence ft. MC Jumanji
10 Head Banger Remix ft. Wrekonize of Mayday and Kaaren Styles
11 Nightmare
12 How Many Times ft. Ratt
13 We Don't Care What You Think ft. Big Cliff
14 Cones ft. Larry Bellyfate
15 Pissed off ft. DIta Von Bloom
16 Hooker