Through song, South Florida's Web Three illuminates late bandmate's legacy
“They say guns don’t kill people, people do. Well if people don’t have guns, they don’t kill you. You wouldn’t seek revenge. We keep it movin’. Kill them with kindness let the cameras do the shootin’.” William E. Bachelor III directs those lyrics to his recently deceased best friend and business partner, Troy Longhurst, on the track “Back to Hollywood (A Tribute to Troy Longhurst)” [Read More...]
Remembering Troy
On July 21, 2011 Deathproof Records co-founder Troy Longhurst aka Telle Crooks was senselessly gunned down in Miami during an attempted act of goodwill. This tragic loss is recounted by Troy’s best friend, Web Three frontman and namesake William “Web” Bachelor. [Read More...]
Web Three's Suburban Nightmare Video Shoot
Web Three front man Web explains: "A lot of music that’s coming out of Miami it's not really representing what life’s about. No one that’s on the level that I'm on really has a lot of money. It's funny that the majority of the world actually believes that life’s a sing-along about throwing money away at a strip club or something of that nature. That’s not how it really is." The low-brow video concept developed by Troy Longhurst and Web ironically portrays the rock star lifestyle. The story line is simple. Web is in bed with woman piled around him as if they passed out there at the end of a long night of partying. Web wakes up the rest of the band in the morning and everyone starts partying again. [Read More...]
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