ART OF WAR 305: Web Three vs. Lion Da Animal
Jan 15, 2015
This battle features two battlers from the same genre of music. Both of them are known for their Rock/Rap fusion.
ART OF WAR 305: Web Three vs. Rob Blanks
Oct 29, 2014
THIS IS BLOOD SPORT III! And THIS battle has been a war of words between these two for a while, so this battle has been a long time coming. Both of these warriors have earned their bragging rights, and it only makes sense to have them go at it IN THE ART OF WAR!!!
GRIND TIME NOW SILVER: Web Three vs. Spider Jay
Sep 6, 2014
Spider Jay and Web Three tryout. Raw footage released from the vault.
ENTER THE DUNGEON: Web Three vs. Johnny Voss
Aug 9, 2014
Enter the Dungeon presents Web Three vs. Johnny Voss - a matchup of bars and wits - who comes out with the win? Let us know in the comments section!
ART OF WAR 305: Web Three vs. Mosh Jelton
Jul 2, 2014
Miami Mayhem was a mega event featuring battlers from all over the state. Art Of War collaborated with The Bar Exams to bring you this historical moment in Florida History. Who will win?!? Watch out and find our for yourself!
ENTER THE DUNGEON: Web Three vs. Jonesy
Jun 15, 2014
Bars & Clips: Web Three vs. Jonesy was a battle of word play. These two MCs faces off for the first time on an Enter The Dungeon stage. Who came out with the win??
ART OF WAR 305: Web Three vs. Hindu Rock
Mar 12, 2014
Web Three battled Hindu Rock at Miami's Art Of War SHOW-N-PROVE event. Who do YOU Think won??? Post your comments, post your support, post your hate, And ENJOY the battle!
THE BAR EXAMS: Web Three vs. I4NI
Feb 4, 2014
Web Three hits The Bar Exams in Orlando to battle I4NI. Peep it, comment, give a thumb!
ART OF WAR 305: Web Three vs. D.R.
Jan 15, 2014
Last event of the year. Last battle of the year. Two emcees who worked their way thru our rankings to become our main event. Peep this banger.
RAP BATTLE: Web Three vs. J.R. Ewing
Dec 28, 2013
Web Three battles J.R. Ewing at the "Roc The Mic Fest" presents Battle of Bands hosted by Mike Gambo @ Propaganda Lake Worth.
ART OF WAR 305: Web Three vs. Drone Phonetik
Dec 9, 2013
Web Three battles Drone Phonetik (formerly Karma) at the Art of War's Survivor Series event in Miami. This battle pits two up and coming rappers against each other in hopes of getting their first win.